Sunday, 4 December 2016

Review of RMC show, The Islington, 2nd December 2016, by Steve Harrison

Thank you to Steve Harrison for this favourable review from our London show. "Kingsley Beat beat up The Islington on Friday night. Ok the RMC were only the support band for the Kar-Pets but boy did they give it some B E A T (Brechtian, Extraordinary, Anarchic, Telepathy). I thought a Collective was a somewhat tainted if not boring idealised left wing utopia, but no; its a rocking group fronted by Mr Kingsley Beat. He is assisted by Stan H, who in a real life Collective would be the slightly scary political commissar but in ramshackle style brings to the job his surreal Cambridge educated jamaican patois and colemanballs observation. But ramshackle they are not. The songs reflect a thoughtful and poetic intellect and show a range of emotions. At times Kingsley Beat is the saviour of the universe and at other times dons the cap and bells. The court jester enters this parallel world with his eyes open. A surreal fusion of majestic melody, comedy and philosophical insight, promote a wonderfully wicked pantomime of music which can only cheer you up; or even Beat you up." - Steve Harrison

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