Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hysterical about the gig tomorrow. Jig. Dig. Twig?

7pm-11pm, Dalston. Hysteria Bar. Dalston.

Music from the Ramshackle Music Collective. Open Mic. poetry segments. Drift in,

This time rage Automatic pain
well I tried and I hope you don't mind I hope you don't care we engage the rage turn back time
you've go to wait for the feeling to divorce you from the pain it goes straight out the window and it's driving you insane
I made it all up x 2
Slow Down Wait Automatic Rage Does not pay And I know you won't mind If I say
We embrace the day Well I've tried It leaves me dry Would you believe in the good Whisper 'I'll stay'
Twisting away
you've go to wait for the feeling to divorce you from the pain it goes straight out the window and it's driving you insane
I made it all up x 2
Stay along the page Believe in change Let it into your brain Wear it in your brain Could you believe in this guy Act your age
and I hope you don't mind if I Turn back time
Chorus and that 29.8.14 Listen to Grasshopper?

Friday, 29 August 2014

Don't Beat About the Bush

Friday 29th August 2014

10,000 tiger monkey seeds. Premier direct. The house was overrun by tiger monkeys.

That’s growth. That’s growth expectation. For just 5 pounds a month… getstuffed. Bloody sports my armpits.

Write down everything your mum says. That’s a cure for any writer’s block.

You consider I owe you this money. I consider I do not.

Where do we go from here?

Where have I been tonight?

Poetry. Acoustic. I like them two.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Act 1 scene 1

Monday 22:14. Phase 322 Ramshackle Operation World Domination Yougetme (ROWDY)

website built – now optimising search engine visibility captain (I paid a couple of extra bob for that see)

Ensign: I’m getting a request for biographical google text data sir…

Admiral Andrew: Tell them ’Melodious Latterday Merry Prankster sings silly wise words behind repetitive beats and and synthesised stringed instruments. In cahoots with the RMC.’

Captain Venus: With respect sir, that sounds crap.

Admiral Andrew: I outwank you.

Captain Venus [to the sewing machine mechanic] Make it sew.

Lurking SCP (Hmm… plays now is it?)

Admiral Andrew: Get this website on screen Ensign.

Ensign: Creating hyperlink now sir.

KINGSLEYBEAT.COM (clickadalinka)

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Second Bloom. Kingsley Beat. Gig on 1st September. Hackney isn't it.

Spirit again.

Second Bloom.

Gig at Hysteria, Dalston. Monday 1st Sept. 2014 – 7pm-11pm

Everyone’s welcome…

It’s Acoustic/Poetry

HAND DRUMZ – NO STIX. – naybores

Turn up armed with any musical weapon. There will be no elaborate chord changes.

The Bill:

1.     Tigermothy introductions
2.     Watto D
3.     Sara K
4.     Jimmy Five Words
5.     Steve Harrison
6.     Kingsley Beat
Open mic. poetry segments. Bring a poem – or the compulsion to produce one…
Jimmy 5 words kindly asks that you bring at least 5 words wid ya…

Peace everytime. See you next Monday. KB

Burning Ambition
And so it did indeed come to pass that ah rarrss the combination of class from the flappery roaring moth and frenzied kingly bee, did bestow into the air such nonsense noises that colour with wings did strangely spew from marvellous spotaneous musical mouthy mutterings: Mothbeat did welease their first EP, and the people did cheer and laugh and slap their flies with glee, for it was very silly.

From itunes and various other fonts would spray this silly choonage to the world.

Out soon it would be (as soon as the artwork's approved like)


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Capture those butterflies


Capture those butterflies. I said it before. Listen to Steve Harrison and chill out. Like.

The world is as simple as like or unlike really. Which makes robotizable, because it comes down to zeros and ones, isn’t it?

Definitely listen to Steve Harrison. It’s amazing to think that there’s zeros and ones in that.

Sound down sub-titles on gotta finda rhythm unless you got boom voice recognition software, you gotta type – and fingers don’t always work as fast as thoughts – you mean what I know. Timmy Traveller – his memory work in tandem with his recitals – he says it all as he thinks it – annie don’t stop – you mean what I know?

Tigermothy (aka Timmy Traveller): Pyromaniac. A MothBeat production.

1.     Light raps
2.     Not too much pepper
3.     Goat’s Cheese
4.     But I’ll survive
5.     Amen to that mother
6.     Hotdigiggadeedam!
7.     Yee-ha!
8.     That’s enough of that now.
9.     Future Albums
10. Not even written ye…t
11. Serendipity
12. Sing Like an American